Personal Testimony of a Student (Ms. Sara Saunders)

Class: PSYC 315 Psychology of the Exceptional Child

This is the last journal entry (April 21, 2006) of Ms. Sara Saunders in the above mentioned class. She has transfered to a university in the US after successfully completing her first year of college education in Thailand. The following jounal entry is published with Sara’s permission.

In Sara’s own words

Journal [ last one! 🙁 ]

Dr. Roy, thank you for this class. I really appreciate your teaching, especially how you make students feel like they have something meaningful to contribute. Some teachers tend to give the impression that they are the bottomless well of knowledge while we are ignorant children. Thanks for making this class more inspiring. Try some fieldtrips next year! God bless!

Copyright June 2006 by Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan,

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