Learning CAN be Fun!

I find courage and motivation to become a caring teacher from the testimonies and experiences of students (like Shimona!). These students directly influence my approach to teaching. If they testify to the fact that having fun while learning is a possibility, then I am convinced that affective teaching is the answer to the many questions that teachers have always had about pedagogical ineffectiveness. My question to all teachers is: ARE WE WILLING TO GIVE OURSELVES A CHANCE TO LEARN and CHANGE? The following is a testimony of a student posted on her blog. Thank you Shimona!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Morning Ekspress – ME move U!

Social Psyc class is so fun…
Not only do we have the funniest teacher in the department teaching it, there’s always room for lotsa self-reflection, and we even got to create our own product and ad for it yesterday as a part of learning about persuasion.

shimonas group project advertisement on persuasion.jpg

Storyboard for a Video Clip (Advertisement)

1 thought on “Learning CAN be Fun!”

  1. Hehe… thanks for linking me! 😉
    And it’s no flattery – despite your class being the longest of all my classes this semester, I always look forward to it, and like to challenge myself with new ideas that you open up to us. Thanks!

    P/s: Am looking forward to taking more classes under you in the semesters to come… so don’t run to some other country YET ok! :p

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