‘Constructivism’ in Action


Students working on ‘the stages of group development’ (inventing their own model)


It’s not easy after all…but the juice is worth the squeeze!


“we didn’t get the table…but that ain’t stopping us from developing our own model…we will do it even if it has to be done on the floor!”


Working together is not all that easy…there are many hurdles to overcome!


The teacher’s model of ‘the stages of group development’

aiya…so different from the ones developed by the students!

but isn’t that the beauty of constructivism?

Knowledge doesn’t have to be presented in a stale manner!

Engineering new knowledge from what is already known is what we really need in our classrooms!


learning = creating knowledge

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    You finally had the time to update your website! Good for you! So, how is your second PhD going? Would be great with some update….
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