Test-taking is Learning, ONE MORE TIME…!

“In my view the main purpose of language testing is to provide opportunities for learning, both for the students who are being tested, and for the professionals who are administering the tests” (Tomlinson, 2005)

I totally, completely, whole-heartedly agree with Tomlinson. In my opinion, testing (measurement and evaluation) is another way to teach & learn. Although scores on a test provide teachers and students with information about “how well a particular content has been understood and assimilated”…the more important objective of tests is LEARNING itself. In other words, students get an opportunity to reinforce, revise, and re-establish whatever they have learned in a class, ONE MORE TIME! Every test taken is actually every concept, idea, principle, re-visited. Tests help students to re-think and re-structure whatever was stored in the brain – when previously learned materials are pulled out – the brain re-constructs the same by associating them with other old and new materials, giving the concepts, ideas, and principles learned, in-depth meaning and complex and more structured connection with real-life.

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