Behavior Management Forum: Question No.3

Teachers are pressed for time to cover the syllabus within the time frame specified by the curriculum. While being preoccupied with teaching contents, they inevitably neglect the emotional well-being of students. No provision is made to listen to learners and their concerns.  Emotional  disturbances and  problems eventually spill over and manifest themselves in the form of behaviors that are disruptive in nature.

As a teacher, what can you do to prevent misbehaviors in the classroom while being successful in meeting the requirements of the school in terms of delivering contents?

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  1. As teachers i think we should be more flexible to students need. I myself as a student often feels ignored and neglected when my teacher does not have time to listen to my problems. The only thing i could do as a result to that situation is to keep to myself and go on with the rest of the lesson without a proper understanding of the previous lesson. To prevent this kind of misbehavior, teachers should sometimes take time to reflect upon what happen, what they saw, what they feel, and what they should do in the class. Though it is important to cover the contents, be sure that all the student are involve when the lesson are moving on. When one students seems to misbehave in the classroom, take a time after the class to ask the students what is the problem. Be sure that we are interested to help this student to and we care of their problems. By doing this outside of the classroom time, the lesson’s content will not be interrupted. BE A FRIEND AND A LISTENER to the student no matter who, what, and how they are. This is what makes the teaching profession more meaningful and joyful.

  2. It is important for teachers to be well-organized and well-prepared with their lesson plans so that they will be able to cover the syllabus as they can make time in caring about the emotional well-being of the students. Since the beginning of the school year or semester, teachers should already have come up with effective, practical and appropriate goals and objectives so that they will have clear ideas of what they have to teach and accomplish. It is also important for the teachers to have positive and supportive attitudes towards the students and themselves. In this way they can create positive learning environment where both the teachers and students are enthusiastic to learn together and support each other in academic issues as well as emotional well-being. In a classroom where the learning environment is friendly, supportive and fun, and not only teachers but also students care about one another, there will definitely be less emotional disturbances and students will be motivated to engage in classroom activities. For me, personally, a warm smile from the teacher or my classmates makes me feel that they care about me and that I’m not being ignored or neglected. Since we are human beings with feelings and emotions, it’s hard for us to stay positive all the time. However, teachers should not forget that their students can brighten their days. Students also should not forget that teachers are there to support and give a hand. Teachers are the guiding stars of the students. So it is very important that teachers lead the right path.

  3. Teaching, no matter what you teach, it all requires planning. This planning is not just merely planning, it requires some specific skills and smart way of doing. We often hear that 50% of contents and 50% of emotional attach, but how many of the teachers actually did it? Before starting a first class with the student, the teacher should start to think how he or she wants to interact with the students in the class. Of course, it is very hard for the teacher to fulfill the need of each of the students in the classroom and even to give them attention. So what i think the most important thing to be done is that the teacher should be able to create an environment or an condition of the relationship of the teacher and the students of the classroom in such a way that the students are able to open to the teacher and voice whatever that is disturbing them. Teacher should make a good relationship with the students from time to time whether it is in the classroom or outside of the classroom. The teacher can also make the topic of discussion or the content to be covered as pressured by the administrator in such a way that it fits the recent discussion of the students and then they can relate to it, like what we are doing in our Behavior Management class. Teacher can also plan the things to be teach in such a way that it interacts with the students, or involve the students in the class most of the time, since the real reason for student misbehaving in the class was because they were lack of attention in the classroom, thus giving them chance to think of other things. teacher, can make a big difference, if they just take advantage of their role as ‘teacher’

  4. As a future teacher it is hard to say what I might do because, I havent experienced this kind of thing yet! however, I am already a very impatient type of person, and if students act out in class I should be ready with some kind of behavior technique. I guess I would create a atmosphere in my class that has a gerneral understanding of what is required for each student, and if the rules are broke there are both rewards and punishments depending on the action.. Teacher’s do need to keep some kind of control in the class room however they do not need to be tirants… But, without control students will take advantage of that and walk all over you..

    Thank you..

  5. To me, although it is inevitable, the most important point is trying NOT to neglect the emotional well being of the students. So, teachers might also have to create a technique that will press them, as with syllabus and teaching contents, for some provisions to listen to the students/learners and their concerns.
    As other has commented, relationship between teachers and learners is also important. I think this can lead to more open environment in the classroom where both teachers and learners can listen to each other. Then, in some ways this might prevent misbehavior.
    Teachers will also have to notice different interactions of each learners in order to deal with their problems. For example, in a case where not all students can catch up with the lesson, teacher should focus more on those who can not and work with them more closely to keep them away from emotional disturbances.

  6. Every school has its curriculum based on their philosophy of education, so all teachers who suppose to teacher in that particular school have to follow the curriculum and be pressed for time to cover the course outline within the time frame specified by the curriculum. As a teacher, to prevent the misbehaviors in the classroom I am necessary to follow every step of the curriculum but flexible with the situation of everyday classroom atmosphere. Misbehavior may happen various cases just because the requirement of the school so let ignore some misbehavior if we will not cause the disruption for long. For it is important that all teachers are united in enforcing the school’s policies. Then when there is a discipline issue, the administration knows that we have followed procedure of the school’s curriculum will be more likely to support us if a concern comes up with a parent. I don’t want to fire from school because in my country, Cambodia is difficult to get a job. Even though the children come with some of their knowledge we can’t let them change what we plan to provide them because of their misbehaviors. They are too young to know what to learn. However the teacher’s is to be creative in planning and preparation for the class instruction. Children will learn better if the lessons interest them. Therefore convert what already in the curriculum of our time frame into interesting ones so that students will not be bored and misbehave won’t arise then we will be backed both parents’ children and the administration.

  7. Through observation-based knowledge, I do believe that most teachers are generally and heavily driven by their teaching contents, rather than placing foci on learners’ emotional needs. Indeed, teacher is one type of busy creatures who are likely to be information driven. Personally, I believe that caring about students’ psychology can be a giant side of education. It can be quite a handful. But what’s the point if learners’ inside world is not being educated?

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