Format for the “Reflection on Teaching Methods”

After having utilized a teaching method that is in-line with the “whole-brain” approach (one that is inductive, inquiry-based, discovery-oriented; simultaneously incorporating visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic modalities; encouraging higher order thinking skills) – you are to report the same according to the following format: (has to be sent to my e-mail address as a *.doc attachment)

  1. Grade level?
  2. Class size?
  3. Subject?
  4. Lesson?
  5. Objective(s) of the lesson?
  6. Teaching materials used?
  7. What did the teacher do? (from the start until the end)
  8. What did the students do? (from the start until the end)
  9. Personal critique of the lesson (What was good? What was difficult? What could be done differently? How did you feel? How did the students feel?)

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