The Meaning of Existence

Have you ever been asked, “why are you here on earth?” What was your answer? Many of us have a hard time answering this question. Why is that so? The answer lies in the fact that most of us haven’t come in terms with the simple reality of ‘who we are?” in order to answer the former, “why am I here on earth?” It makes sense to know who I am first before I address issues surrounding the larger me; questions that require me to define myself in the context of my existence on earth. Who am I? I am everything I think I am. I am the very essence of what I create in my mind about myself. The thoughts I think, second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year – makes me who I am. Have you ever looked back in your life and realized that nothing much has really changed? I often look back, and what I see does not surprise me, because I see the same me over and over again. Though it does not suprise me, it does however cause great disappointment in my heart toward myself, as to who I really am. I whisper to myself, “Life is meant to be progressive, and yet, here I am, not changing for the better. What has caused my stagnation? Why am I not becoming what I really want to become?” In the midst of all these questions, come an answer… clear, simple, and powerful – “YOU HAVE NOT CHANGED BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT THOUGHT OTHERWISE.” My thoughts have re-created the same me over and over again. The secret to changing me then, is to changing my thinking about myself. I have to learn to embrace the art of thinking about myself in a different way – I have to re-conceptualize the ideas that I have about myself, about my present, and about where I want to head in life. Hence, the meaning of existence is as unique as myself; as I re-invent and re-define “who I am,” I would find myself gaining a clearer understanding of “why I am here on earth.”

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