The Power of Words: Feeding your Brain the Right Thing

I woke up yesterday morning, surprised and awestruck because I dreamed of a debate that was taking place in the ‘malay’ language – and one of the debaters shared the following quote to support her position:

what is said is more important than how it is said

It came as a shock because you usually dream of things that has happened to you in the past (during the day, previous week, or month) – but this was something altogether new. I had never heard this quote anywhere from anyone ever before… and the best part is, it was said in the ‘malay’ language!

Anyway, instead of trying to figure out if this was some kind of a vision or simply a dream, I decided just learn the lesson that was given to me…

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) followers and positive thinking authors and speakers have all understood and passionately advocate the power of using the right word to condition the mind to harness positive results for one’s life. The brain functions on the instructions we give to it. And these instructions are given in the form of words. Words enter into the brain at both conscious and subconscious levels – and are processed, organized, and retained for future reference and use.

Wheterher or not I am generally positive, hopeful, and happy depends largely on the kinds of words I feed my brain, from the time I was born (fed by my parents, siblings, etc.) until I come to feed my brain by myself (school age – starts when I am able to reason). Words have inherent power in them. This is so because words are the very tool we use to think with. When the words that pre-occupy my mind are nasty, hurtful, and hateful – my brain starts thinking low about itself – and the rest is history – my emotion would be characterized by pain, trauma, agony – and my behavior would be characterized by disorder, guilt, and instability.

You take any successful person in this world; truly successful… if you have to ask him one thing that has brought about his success, he would say – without any doubt – that it is the kind of words he has fed into his brain, eversince he was a child. That explains why some very poor kids turn out to be very rich; that also explains why when the society gives up on someone, that someone can still rise up above the expectation of the norm, and be a great personality despite all odds – because he has harnessed the one free gift available for all, at no cost whatsoever – the gift of feeding our brains with only good words – words that would build, develop, and make us who we want to be.

Positive words – constructive words – happy words – these do not cost a thing… but feeding my brain with these kind of words might make a world of difference – between a happy fulfilling life and a miserable guilt-ridden life.

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