The Secret to “Lightheartedness”

Ever since I started deliberately engaging in positive self-talks and visualization, my negative emotion and energy emitted therein have been significantly reduced. I experience the feeling of being “light” inside (I finally understand the meaning of the word, “lightheartedness”).

How can I be sure of this? Provided my current life experiences and professional work load, i.e. lecturing at two universities, thesis advising for students in both universities, planning and strategizing for the upcoming responsibility as one of the leaders of three international schools, being separated from a son whom I miss so much, providing for the welfare of parents in Malaysia, and many more… I realize that I am still able to “empty” my mind of all these and just think of nothing (something required for meditation, isn’t it?) – I could never do this. In fact in the past, no matter where I was and what I was doing, I was constantly thinking about something or the other, and most of my thoughts were coated with hues of negativity, probably because of the overwhelming feeling that accompany the very thought of having to do so much!

I have learned to let go of everything I can’t handle and let them be. Instead, I focus on the images and messages of what I want to see, hear, and experience happen. I totally despise negativity, and shun them completely. I refocus at the first sign of negative thoughts and remind myself that they are not worth investing on. I quickly replace them with something good, hopeful, happy, and meaningful for myself and everyone around me. I do this because I don’t want to emit negative energy force. I have also seen the effects emitting positive energy force and how this energy force transforms the emotional and mental state of the people I work with. I go in to meet with them expecting positive results and that’s what I get.

A new realization dawned on me – I am not alone. Whether I am surrounded by people or not, I am not alone. I am constantly surrounded by a variety of forces – forces that are waiting my summoning to make all my wishes come true – all I need to do is to wish for the right thing at the right time, for the right purpose.

Life is meant to be lived happily. But how do I experience happiness? By letting go and letting it be… by trusting in the power of my mind to handle and deal with the challenges of life, as it moves along the glimpses of enlightenment and wisdom inherent in all of universe.

2 thoughts on “The Secret to “Lightheartedness””

  1. “You are not only a dynamic speaker who clearly motivated your audience but more importantly, your message was relevant, stimulating and positive.”

  2. Dr. Roy, I highly appreciate your talent and approaches for lightheatedness. I believe it’s quite challenging to do so. I need to ask a question. If a happy life is all about navigating the forces in and around us to function the ways we want them to (like controlling our mind, then universe), then it would sound like we are using a greater force to dominion (which creates more work then to letting go). It seems to tell that controlling the mind is the more work, especially the conscious one. How can we obtain serenity and tranquality in such midst of cramming monkeys.

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